Avvocato Anna Paola Bono ABCPP Law Firm Milan

Lawyer Anna Paola Bono

Anna Paola Bono specialises in litigation and civil contract law.

With more than twenty years of professional experience she has provided legal representation to many leading Italian companies, both in judicial and extra-judicial fields.
Currently Anna Paola provides services to health operators based in Milan as well as to private companies and individuals.

She is actively involved in commercial disputes and credit recovery, along with all aspects of inheritance legislation.

A bankruptcy lawyer Anna Paola has worked as a civil mediator since 2010.

Anna Paola graduated in law from the University of Milan in 1990, with a dissertation on European Community law.

Subsequently she has been a practicing lawyer since 1994.

Between the years of 1991-2005 she cultivated her professional knowhow at a well-established law firm based in Milan, legally focused on leading credit institutions along with associated companies.

In 2006 Anna Paola set up her own practice, which was later merged into the ABCPP law firm.

Professionally Anna Paola provides legal expertise in Italian, French and English.